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VHS Karnataka Bharatiya Maths Talk

Treasures of Bharatiya (Indian) Maths for Virat Hindustan Sangam Karnataka, India

Download Virat Hindustan Sangam (VHS) Presentation

My QUICK QUESTIONS (One Sentence MINIMUM Answers Please)
1. What was the one thing that surprised you most in this talk/slideshow?
2. How did the way I explain maths compare with the way you were taught?
3. In one sentence how would you summarize this talk introducing you to Bharatiya Maths?

Please send your feedback to with just your FIRST NAME (what your friends call you), and your COUNTRY, so you remain anonymous if I share your feedback. Thank you!

1 thought on “VHS Karnataka Bharatiya Maths Talk”

  1. Very few people on this earth understood the secrets of Bhartiya Mathematics…Mr. Crabtree expressed the whole concepts with exceptional skill so people could understand the difference between colonial mathematics followed in present academics vs Bhartiya mathematics which is actually needed to be taught since it is actually based on real world

    Mr. Crabtree is the man who fixed the colonial mathematics based on Bhartiya Mathematics… thank you sir for fixing mathematics

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