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What have people said about my maths lessons, research and presentations?

So, what EXACTLY did Prof. Dinesh Singh* say about my research?

“Superb lecture. Scholarly and yet easy to follow. I recommend this for parents, students, teachers of history and of math and for anyone interested in India’s ancient history and how India developed mathematical concepts way ahead of the Greeks and of Europe.”

* Prof. Dinesh Singh, chancellor K.R. Mangalam University is an Indian professor of mathematics. He served as the 21st Vice-Chancellor of the University of Delhi. For his services he was conferred with the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award awarded by the Republic of India.

Also, what did Kousik Sett say…

“By profession I am a mathematics teacher in a school in India. For me life is good for only two things. Learn Mathematics and Teach Mathematics. I must say, today your presentation was beautiful and fascinating. This is the best lecture on elementary and fundamentals of Mathematics I have ever seen. Thanks for giving us such a magnificent, powerful and thought provoking lecture on Indian Mathematics. It has immense importance in terms of originally and to established truth.”

… and what did Abhijit Majumder say?

“It was quite an amazing and mind-boggling experience to get acquainted with the commonplace errors we always make. Your inspirational lecture today is still ringing in my ears.”

Not enough feedback yet? OK what about these comments, limited to just one per country? (All testimonials kept on file.)

AFGHANISTAN “It was great! really. Totaly diffrent ” -Name not shown on request, 21
AMERICAN SAMOA “It was very fun. I love this math” -Lisi, 15
ANDORRA “I didn’t know maths can be that easy.” -Johan, 27
AUSTRALIA ” I hadn’t really believed it could be that easy! -Christine, 52
BAHAMAS “This is truly a great way to learn math.” -Cordero, 19
BANGLADESH “Very Impressive & Thanks.”-Murad, 30
BARBADOS “There is no comparison. It is totally different concept of learning…“ – Neil, 35
BHUTAN “its very interesting and very simple.” -Name not shown on request, 31
BOTSWANA “Just amazed me, it’s wonderful. It has never been this simple ” -Natasha, 17
CAIRO “New ways, new methodology, attractive methods for children..” -Ali, 39
CAMBODIA “It is very good. Much easier than other lessons. It is very useful for teacher.” -Cho, 37
CANADA “I thought this lesson is very valuable gift to me.” -Rajika 13,
CHINA ” I never image arithmetic can be taught like this. I love your way of calculation.” -Xiyang, 30
COSTA RICA “Reaaly interesting and useful.” -Name not shown on request, 12
DOMINICA “This certainly makes maths much easier and FUN!” -Name not shown on request, 10
EGYPT “This is completely different and easier.” -Gift, 10
ETHIOPIA “I love it!” -Asmamaw, 8
FIJI “I felt shocked how simple you made maths.” -Joesy, 35
GERMANY “Pretty amazing. I’m looking forward for the next lessons” -Sonja, 44
GHANA “I really like these lessons. i know i will do better in my maths now” -Florence, 10
GREECE “This is just fun and imagination. I loved it.” -Maria, 26
HONG KONG “I think it’s fatastic. the lesson made maths look so easy.” -Name not shown on request, 30
INDIA “Before we fear maths now we are fearless.” -Sunny, 16
INDONESIA “It’s very easy and Im really having fun doing it! Thanks” -Rena, 8
IRAN “Thank god i found such a great method.” -Hamed, 22
IRAQ “I can teach my kids without hesitation to figure out the result. Uncomparable.” -Kawakib, 33
IRELAND “It is a wonderful new way to learn maths.” -Jay, 40
ISRAEL “I love it, I have always loved math but this take the cake.” -Rookamah, 34
JAMAICA “I think your formula is the simpliest way to do math” -Kerry, 23
KUWAIT “This way is faster, and kinda fun. Thanks for these lessons.”-Yousif, 17
KENYA “Good teaching. Just simple.” -Name not shown on request, 48
LEBANON “I felt as i do calculation for the first time.” -Ramia, 35
LESOTHO “I was suprised on how to treat large numbers in an easy & short way.” -Opshyri, 20
MALAYSIA “Your workings are much more faster…. They are really cool, i love them.” -Reginald, 19
MALDIVES “Its very easy to learn.” -Raix, 18
MALTA ” Much more easy! Thanks for being so simple in explaining the lesson.” -Natalie, 38
MAURITIUS “Fantastic, awesome, never heard of these simple yet very powerful maths techniques. Truly fantastic.” -Ian, 32
NEPAL “It’s awesome!” -Shuva, 21
NEW ZEALAND “Felt good about myself after learning this new maths. No comparison.” -Rex, 53
NIGERIA “I feel very cool after the first lesson. Everything is vividly explained and easy to understand.” -Ojez, 20
OMAN “This is super! Very exciting.” -Name not shown on request, 15
PAKISTAN “Awesome! sir, its really great, thanks a lot. this is the way of learning and even teaching. GOD bless YOU!” – Monifa, 15
PHILIPPINES “It’s a lot easier. I really enjoyed it.” -Lyn, 40
PHNOM PENH “It is very good. Much easier than other lessons.” -Cho, 37
POLAND “I am vary surprise… It no way compare to i learny math before. -Kurcius, 62
PORTUGAL “I am a teacher and i didn’t no these methods of learning or teaching math.” -Paula, 45
QATAR “It is unbelevable.” -Name not shown on request, 41
REPUBLIC OF CONGO “I feel very excited about this… I have found out new ways of calculations.” -Eugide, 20
ROMANIA “I’ve learned magical things with numbers.” -Michael, 32
SAUDI ARABIA “The best thing was to check my mental ability working with numbers.” -Hessa, 40
SINGAPORE “This is the greatest maths I’ve learned in my life!! I never expected this before!” -Andrew, 20
SOUTH AFRICA “Great stuff made me feel much younger. The simplicity is amazing.” -Guru, 54
SRI LANKA “It’s very good & important” -Name not shown on request, 37
TANZANIA “Great! a simple and practical method of studying maths.” -Name not shown on request, 40
TUNISIA “it was really cool you are very smart and i want to be just like you.” -Name not shown on request, 14
THAILAND “It’s exciting and amazing.” -Mang, 39
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO “Absolutely fantastic!!! A must use for every teacher and student!!!” -Genevieve, 43
THAILAND “It’s great. Much more easier and helpful.”-Nok, 37
TURKEY “I now wonder what else can I do! Fascinating!”-Yugorotti, 17
UKRAINE “I like it.” -Ivan, 60
USA “It is amazing. This is cool and fantastic.” -Corazon, 46
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES ” In our school, they never tried to make maths interesting. But the way u teach is COOL! -Khadeeja, 11
UNITED KINGDOM “Oh MY GOD! You make Maths so easy, compared to school, this maths stuff is Fun!” -Andy, 36
VENEZUELA “Very happy. The best thing was How to read numbers to check answers.” -Amil, 40
VIETNAM “The way to learn Maths as very fast as can.” -Name not shown on request, 18
ZAMBIA “i really feel like a genious. This math it is completely uncomparable” -Ben, 17